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Proudly OfferS:

-No Sign Up Fees
-No Monthly Fees
-No Desk Fees
-No Upfront E & O Fees
-No Annual E & O Dues
-No Production Reviews
-No Mandatory Office Meetings
-Get Paid Directly From Escrow at Closing

The proof is in your check, Our EZ to understand pay structure that is just this simple
$500.00 per successfully closed transaction
$125.00 E & O fee per file
The remainder is due you.

The POWER Difference

Power Brokers International prides itself by offering it's agents and associates the use of their own brain to select the following industry related options. As an agent of Power Brokers International, we harbor no hidden agendas. Our unparalleled dedication in complete transparency is evidenced by having:

You select the Escrow Company you feel offers the best service to you and your clients. Power Brokers does not own any escrow companies nor do we have any desire / interest to be in bed with any escrow companies or officers.

You select the Home Warranty Company you feel offers the best protection for your home buyers. Power Brokers does not own any warranty companies or do we desire to be in bed with any either.

You select the Title Officer and Title Company you desire to work with. Power Brokers does not own any interest in any title companies nor is Power Brokers affiliated or in bed with any title companies.

You select the Loan Officers and Mortgage Company that offers your clients the best interest rates and terms. Power Brokers does not own any mortgage or loan origination companies and is not in bed with any financial / lending institutions.

You select the Termite & Pest Control Services that offers your clients the most reliable service at the best price. Power Brokers does not own any termite companies nor is Power Brokers in bed with any pest control companies.

You select the Natural Hazards Report company you feel is right for your transaction. Power Brokers does not own reporting companies nor is Power Brokers in bed with any affiliated or related services.

You select the Insurance Company that offers the best products, pricing, and coverage that is right for your client. Power Brokers does not have any ownership in or any financial arrangements with any insurance brokerage firms, agents, or offices.

You select the Home Inspection Company you desire to do business with. Power Brokers does not own any interests in Home Inspection services nor do we accept any tokens (aka Kickbacks) from any vendor or source in any manner, shape, or form. Never have, never will.

Moral of the Power Brokers International Business Philosophy and Internal Structure is as follows:

You have enough intelligence to make your own business practice decisions without being pressured into utilizing in-house services. Christian Arbid, president and founder of Power Brokers International Inc. prefers to sleep well at night. He does so with a clear and peace-filled conscience driven by the Lord Jesus Christ. Opposite to that of the unscrupulous corporate greed and never ending thirst for personal gain that has contaminated many great minds.


If you don't get the drift by now, allow us to elaborate slightly more. Unlike other real estate offices that spend mounts of energy mimicking our program, stealing our concepts, and tirelessly attempting to recruit our agents, Power Brokers International continues to grow and prosper while refusing to affiliate with any servicer or vendor in the real estate industry for monetary gain - period. We leave that to the fly by night operations that are here today, gone tomorrow. Power Brokers International is the original, 100% Commission based office that opened in the Palm Springs area in 2004 under the leadership and direction of respected California Real Estate Broker, Christian Arbid. With that said, Power Brokers International remains a strong, independent, for-profit yet DEBT FREE operation that remains one of the strongest forces of independently owned real estate brokerage firms today. We welcome and encourage others to try and do the same.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ~ Charles Caleb Colton.

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Join us when you seek true independence minus the corporate greed and hidden agendas that the knock-off offices are too busy getting tangled up in. We prefer to be the Leader in the Industry, while others are too busy placing their hands down everyone else's pants. Our sight remains solely focused on our family of agents and their best interest, not the financial interests or gain of the broker or manager.

We welcome you to the Power Brokers International family should you share the same common goals and values.

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Power Brokers International is committed to changing the way homes are purchased and sold. That change starts with our desire to seek out exceptional real estate professionals with common and like goals. For our family of agents, we seek people committed to excellence, innovation, and those who are undaunted by big ideas minus the big brother corporate structure. We look for collaborators, opportunity-seizers, and those who will not settle for simply the average. We encourage out of the box thinking and motivated, self-starters. Moreover, our family of licensed associates earn 100% of their hard earned commissions with our No Commission Splits program.


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